If you use the word see, or saw, you’re probably talking about vision, or maybe a tool.

But if you put them together, you’re probably having fun.

When we’re isolated, we can be quite different than when we’re together.

Communities are a bit like seesaws, unless there’s equality they don’t work very well.

Our vision is to provide the tools that create a global community that will function more effectively, together.

If you’d like to live in a world with more equality, join in the fun and sign up today.


Fixing Unemployment

Most modern societies have struggled to fix the unemployment problem. If you’ve seen the movie, I, Daniel Blake, you’ll know how dismally this impacts real people.

We don’t have all the answers. But we’re doing what we can by creating a global community of generous-hearted givers who will sacrifice one hour of their income, in exchange for an hour of time from an unemployed person.

The time tasks our givers allocate might be something that the giver is passionate about (e.g. tweet my website) or a project that they think the unemployed person would benefit from (e.g. be inspired by reading a business biography for an hour), or they might give expecting nothing in return.

Even if our givers don’t allocate a time task, we’re training up our unemployed members to develop sustainable skills of the twenty-first century. But more importantly, we’re bringing them together… and that’s where the real magic happens.